Artificial Intelligence definition

Artificial intelligence is pretty simple at heart. It is a technique which uses statistics on steroid to allow algorithms to imitate a form of real intelligence. The statistical frameworks used have been around for decades: the idea of a smart machine has in fact been with us since Alan Turing himself raised the question of bringing his invention to a form of intelligence. Something has however changed in the past 10 years, making Alan Turing's ideas more relevant than ever. Thanks to the advances of technology, we now have access to three things our parents and grand-parents could have seldom imagined :

  • Trillions of data points from the digital world

  • Faster processors that run millions of calculations per seconds

  • Enough cloud storage space to handle both of the above.

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These changes, together with the collective intelligence of hundreds of incredibly bright people working at the likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Facebook, are bringing about an era of disruption. Artificial intelligence and the independent decisions it may make will change each and every industry, for better or for worse. 

Artificial intelligence technologies

If we dig a little bit deeper, we realise that artificial intelligence is not simply one technology, but a group of multiple technologies put together into one easy-to-remember phrase.

In reality, Artificial Intelligence does not exist in the way we often like to think about it. What does exist, however, are confusing terms such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, GANs, Adversarial Networks, Voice, Natural Language Processing, and many, many others. Thankfully, The Pourquoi Pas has put together a complete guide to better understand what this is all about. 

Artificial Intelligence Insights

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